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have a mental health problem




This brief focused on pushing the boundaries of sculpture and was linked to charity I care about, Mind, as I wanted to . I chose to research Readymades, Japanese Mail Art and famous Northern sculptors, causing me to evaluate materials in a different way.

Stephen Fry, head of Mind, is public figure who has always had a big place in my life. From falling asleep to the Harry Potter audio books, to laughing my head off at Jeeves and Wooster and then a Bit of Fry and Laurie and all this and more knowledge while watching QI or any documentary. And now as I grow older, he is a prolific mental health and LGBT rights advocate. 

Conceptually, each shoe represents an individual, all at different walks of life. We do not know someones problems, the heaviness and discomforts until we walk a mile in their shoes. Ripping apart the shoe reveals what contents reside there and what we are carrying around with us. The shoes are no longer shoes because they are no longer functional. The stones serve as a metaphor, for throughout our lives, we pick up problems as when we are on a journey our shoes pick up stones. The stones are raw and beautiful. But man attaches labels to them by binding them in wire. Can the same be said of raw emotions?

But I still like to say that the shoes are subject to interpretation. The outcomes have not yet been exhibited, however my ultimate aspiration is to have them displayed in a Mind shop window to raise awareness of mental health and how it affects individuals in all walks of life. 

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