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Beyond the Selfie


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This brief produced so much work that moved in different directions. Some lose ends, some used elsewhere.

I remember having lots of fun in the studio group bookings. 

My favourite of these shoots cemented Jade as a source of inspiration. Jade has appeared again and again in my photos and drawings in other instances. Though I have a real fondness for these images and I often return back to them... Just to look at them, or draw from. They take me back to happy times. I often wish I did more work like this while at college - but I have 3 years of university yet to complete! There's still time. I have to remind myself of that a lot.

These gel coloured images were used in her Transcription project, recreating her favourite album covers of K-Pop band Shinee. With her permission, I am also displaying Jade's outcomes down below alongside our original photographs and the original Shinee album artwork. I love to see what other people do with my work and where they get their inspiration from, so I think you would too.

jade album 2
shinee 1
jade album 3
shinee 2
shinee 3
jade album 1
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Karate Portrait_A2


Despite by now having a bank of images as a result of this brief, I made the decision fairly late on to make things as difficult for myself as possible, by shifting the focus onto the person behind the camera... Me. It seemed that was what I had to do to go beyond the selfie... Push boundaries.


I consider myself to have made a lot of sacrifices to fully focus on my arts education, namely paying the price in friendships, relationships and family. It better have been worth it. But another one of my previous commitments was karate, which I had dedicated 7 years of my life to.

These images are important to me, because they were taken while karate was still a big part of my life and how I expressed myself. My form hasn't diminished so much, not even between movements. The obsession with studying movement is Marcel Duchamp influence.

It's funny how despite considering myself far from a perfectionist, I knew I wasn't going to do my best after long days at college, so I simply wouldn't go. In between college and starting university I have since started going back, and this time I want to stay. Even if that means moving like a tortoise with chronic fatigue recovering from a marathon and getting shouted at!

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